Health Industry Electronic Commerce Association

An association to facilitate the exchange of health-oriented benefits data between Members and the health-oriented professions for the processing and approval of benefits claims.

Our Vision

 Our Vision

To facilitate the development and implementation of Electronic Commerce frameworks in the Canadian Health Benefits industry.

 Our Mission

Our Mission

To work collaboratively to establish frameworks for electronic commerce in the health benefits / payment environment in Canada. Accordingly, our objectives are to:

  • Educate and create awareness among the Canadian health payers and providers.
  • Promote and support electronic claims standards and frameworks in the Canadian health care system.
  • Build public, private, national and international partnerships with other groups including HL7, NCPDP.
  • Work for legislative and regulatory change in related areas - e.g. privacy.
  • Provide a forum for information sharing.
  • Respond to changing technologies, opportunities and tools.